Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goodbye German Food

It's my last day in Germany. Hard to believe a whole summer has somehow passed by. Now I'm writing last minute (literally) post cards and baking... sugar cookies. Because that's what the ingredients we had left over were the closest to combining to make. (don't ask)
What a trusty workstation- we went through it all together
When inspiration was lacking, the view was nice at least
Surprisingly devoid of students at the moment
Subway conveniently located centrally to the campus
Pedestrian bridge to keep students from playing in the traffic
The meeting tree. Many a minute was spent awaiting people here.
The subway: magic portal to the rest of the world
Can't forget the library; clearly the most important building around
The cookies needed caramel too. That and we had to get rid of some ice cream
We got creative with the shapes. Or tried to. Results varied.
I think I've probably been in denial this whole week that I was actually leaving. I'm definitely not ready at all. I've had an absolute blast learning more about German culture (and language) and it's been an amazing experience. Vielen Dank und Bis Später!
One last look at campus
Flying far, far away
A final German meal: breakfast sandwich
and a buttered pretzel. Now I'm back to American foods

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