Sunday, June 16, 2013

Photo Journal: Zurich

 Zurich is a nice place to walk around and take pictures of. And has a lot of churches (where you can't take pictures in). I'm really tired, so you'll have to do that picture-to-word conversion factor to read the rest of this. (It's easily my longest one yet :P)

and under construction. It's the hip thing to do this summer
Zurich is really pretty

The roses smelled amazing. Not at all fake or overly strong
It also has really nice rose gardens

It's like blue food color dye
I have never seen water this color blue

(clearly not the other way around)
This pathway was positioned purposefully to frame the clock tower

It was difficult not to jump in and go swimming
I still can't believe the water is so clear

It's like venice... but better
Some views I don't think it's possible to get tired of

It was also really, really sunny. I exptended my pseudo-tan (made up of freckles)
They're really hard to see, but there's a whole school of fish

We also went up to the top of this tower. It's a loooong way up
The 'stained glass' windows here are made of geodes

City side view from the church tower

bonus points if you can distinguish Alps from clouds
From this side you can even see the Alps

It was really, really high up

(It's a different chruch than the ones in the previous pictures)
Finally, a church we can take pictures in

Don't worry though, I still have all my fingers and toes
Swans have no fear in swimming right up to you

This was the closest we got to finding a slum of Switzerland
Old city shopping districts are abandoned on Sundays

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